Monday, 20 November 2017

AustraliaTrip - October 2017 - Henley Beach, Windy Point and a man in the market

Pauline, Peter and myself went for a walk one morning along Henley Beach, which is about ten minutes drive away from their home. 

Along the Jetty

Windy Ridge - this is near where my niece Amy and her daughter Sophie live.  Great views of the city of Adelaide.

Bottlebrush flower growing nearby

I spotted this chap in the ABC gardeners market we went to and he agreed that I could take his photo.  What a lovely smile!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

AustraliaTrip - October 2017 - Adelaide Botanical Gardens

It's over 30 years since I visited Adelaide Botanical Gardens on my first trip to Adelaide.  Not a lot has changed, and it is still as lovely and interesting as it was.    Our main reason for visiting this year was the Wisteria Arch - I think you will agree it was magnificent.

Water lilies

Wisteria Arch

Pauline and me - with Amy checking her phone!

This glass monument is still intriguing - made from sheets of glass

Amy looking through

Grevillea "Peaches & Cream"

Brownies monument

Sophie with another stone dog

This monument was erected to he memory of Elvis Presley
by the Sound of Elvis Society on the 26th November 1982 - there is s small plaque in the centre.

If you are interested, this tree is Brachychiton Rupestris.
It has amazing bark

Sophy in the grotto

Can you see the lizard?

He had beautiful markings

Sophie standing on the huge roots of this Morton Bay Fig