Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tilford Village Autumn Flower Show

Brian and I went over to visit Tilford Village flower show this weekend - twice!  I have to confess to not reading the Show Schedule properly and misread the day of the show.  So off we went on Saturday to find No Show and a cricket match in progress on the green.   It was a lovely afternoon and not one to miss an opportunity I took a few pics.

Tilford Village Show - Take Two! - Sunday afternoon

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Warnham Nature Reserve

We have only just discovered Warnham Nature Reserve, having passed it in the car recently when we were on another journey.  So on the first dry and reasonably bright day, after several dull and damp days, we decided that we would visit this Nature Reserve.   There are several Hides along the banks of the lake and on a sunnier day, or earlier in the day, we would have seen more birds.  We did spot a Kingfisher, but he was far too quick for us to take a picture.

Warnham Nature Reserve is certainly somewhere we will visit again.