Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hampton Court Flower Show July 2017

I always look forward to Hampton Court Flower Show - I love the Foral Marquee, The Rose Marquee and looking at the gardens designed by well-known garden designers and featured on the daily television programme from Hampton Court.   I went this year with cousin Sue, and we were quite disappointed.  It was Sue's first visit and she wanted especially to see the featured gardens. Sadly they were all dotted about and we did not see many of them.   I was not disappointed in the Floral Marquee - that was as full of plant displays as usual.  However, it was a completely different story in the Rose Marquee- it was only about half the size it normally is. The Floral Display marquee was the same with very few displays.  What there was a lot of were food areas - at least three, where there used to be only a couple of small food areas.   I felt this year that the RHS had misread the title of the show - it was more or less a Food Show, indeed, there was apparently a Food marquee, but we did not find it.    

I did take a few photographs.  I hope you enjoy them.

The Floral Marquee

Streptocarpus "Polka-Dot Red"

Streptocarpus "Polka-Dot Purple" 
Some of the Designer Gardens

The Rose Marquee

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Crawley Horticultural Society - Pelargonium & Summer Show

I went over to Crawley Horticultural Society Summer Show at the end of June.  They incorporate their Pelargonium Show in the Summer show.  A friend of mine was exhibiting in the Pelargonium Show and as Crawley is not too far from us, Brian and I decided to pop over and see the show.   It was a small show, but the exhibits were well shown and the standard was high.  We were not disappointed.

Here are a few photo's I took:

Club cutting class - the plants were "Bembridge"


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

RHS Rosemoor Gardens, North Devon

Many of you may know that I am an active committee member and Membership Secretary of The Pelargonium & Geranium Society.  This year our National Show was held at RHS Rosemoor Gardens in North Devon.   The venue could not have been more perfect.  The RHS have just built a superb new hall for exhibitions and events and it was the ideal setting for our plants.

Often I don't visit these shows if they are too far away, but I have long wanted to visit RHS Rosemoor and the show seemed the perfect opportunity.

I took time out during the afternoon to have a walk around the splendid gardens at Rosemoor.   Everything was so well laid out, and the scent in three three rose gardens on that hot sunny afternoon was just heavenly.

Just a couple of pictures of the show - more can be found on my other blog -    The rest of the photos are of RHS Rosemoor Gardens.   I hope you enjoy them.

Mr McGregor's Garden